DPS 2020 Training Classes (Pre-Cons & Post-Cons)


DPS 2020 Training Classes (Pre-Cons & Post-Cons)

Data Platform Virtual Summit 2020 – Training Classes (Pre-Cons & Post-Cons)

We are excited to announce Data Platform Virtual Summit 2020 in collaboration with Microsoft. The sixth edition of DPS has more than 20 Virtual Training Classes (Pre-Cons & Post-Cons) delivered by World’s Best Educators.

Read Summit Announcement Blog Post and learn that DPS 2020 is priced incredibly low for the community with unbelievable benefits.

Pre-Cons: 30 November & 1 December, 2020. Post-Cons: 7 & 8 December, 2020.

The biggest highlight is that registrants will get on-demand access to class recordings. This is an incredible advantage for the community. Attend LIVE + Get Class Recordings. This means you can register for more than one class. Even if you are not attending, you still get the recordings.

Pre-Cons & Post-Cons are collectively called as Training Classes. These are 8 hours, focused, deep-dive, demo-based virtual classroom training. Each class will run for eight hours in total, but four hours each day, for two consecutive days. Just like the summit, Training Classes will also run round-the-clock, continuously. There will be four batches spread across four different time zones. Each batch will have four parallel classes. Click Here to learn about our global delivery model.

Each Training Class is designed to offer intermediate & advanced-level training on a specific topic/subject. These classes offer more knowledge, skills and expertise beyond the summit content.

Apart from attending LIVE classes, you also get on-demand access to class recordings*, exclusive content from the instructor, and the participation certificate. Just like the summit, Training Classes are priced incredibly low and there is no extra cost for the recordings. It is a STEAL, grab it!

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This year, there are classes on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, SQL Server, DevOps, Azure SQL, Azure Data Factory, Power BI, Power Flow & App, Modern Analytics, Powershell, Data Science and more.

Training Classes at DPS 2020


  1. An enterprise-friendly framework for implementing Power BI projects (What comes after the 5 minutes to Wow for an enterprise) by Dr. Greg Low
  2. Performance-centric T-SQL by Itzik Ben-Gan
  3. Build your own database deployment pipeline with Octopus Deploy and either SSDT or Redgate SQL Change Automation by Alex Yates
  4. SQL Server: Advanced Training for Azure VM Deployments by Microsoft
  5. The Azure SQL Workshop by Bob Ward & Anna Hoffman
  6. Mastering T-SQL Querying Fundamentals by Itzik Ben-Gan
  7. The SQL Server DBA’s Guide to Docker Containers by Edwin Sarmiento
  8. Getting Started with Azure Data Factory by Andy Leonard
  9. Practical Data Engineering with Azure Synapse Analytics by Warner Chaves
  10. Power BI Desktop Data Modeling End-to-End by Peter Myers
  11. Kubernetes Zero to Hero – Installation, Configuration, and Application Deployment by Anthony Nocentino


  1. Analyze and Optimize your SQL Server by Uwe Ricken
  2. Data Science Algorithms by Dejan Sarka
  3. SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters in a Day by Ben Weissman
  4. PowerShell and SQL Server with DBATools by Rob Sewell
  5. The Beginner’s Guide To Advanced Performance Tuning by Erik Darling
  6. Applying Forensic Accounting Techniques to Data Analysis in Python and SQL by Kevin Feasel
  7. A to Z Azure Cosmos DB by Hasan Savran
  8. Machine Learning for Developers by Anupama Natarajan
  9. Defence in Depth – Securing your Platform in Azure SQL Database by Martin Cairney
  10. SQL Server Performance Tuning – Fast Track by Amit Bansal

DPS 2020 Training Classes registrations are now open. Book Now.

DPS 2020 Dynamic Pricing Model

DPS is a community-driven conference. We have a flexible and friendly pricing model. For each price slab, there is a specific quota of tickets that can be booked. As tickets get booked daily, the quota reaches its limit. The moment quota is full, prices for the Summit & Training Classes will increase and move to the next price slab. Therefore, book ASAP to beat the price hike and get your tickets in the current quota. In other words, the current displayed price is always the lowest and may increase without any prior notice as the quota gets filled.

We look forward to your participation @ DPS 2020. More questions? Read FAQ.

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