Why DPS10.com?

Even though SQL community initiatives were started in 2004 by Amit Bansal, the activities took professional shape in 2010 when SQLServerGeeks.com was formed. The year 2010, therefore, embarked a crucial journey of brining SQL professionals together to learn from each other and share knowledge on a global platform. Starting from the year 2010, every aspect of SQLServerGeeks became bigger and better, leading to Asia’s First SQL Conference in the year 2015, followed by 2016, 2017, so on and so forth. Therefore, we believe, the year 2010 was the landmark year for us. The ‘10’ in DPS10.com is derived from the year 2010, the beginning for an unstoppable journey. And why not? 10 is the best player in the game? Isn’t it? 🙂

DPS10.com, therefore, will be the single point entry point into Data Platform Summit, each year.

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