DPS 2020 Training Class - Enterprise Power BI - by Dr. Greg Low


DPS 2020 Training Class – Enterprise Power BI – by Dr. Greg Low

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Pre-Con Title

An Enterprise-Friendly Framework For Implementing Power BI Projects (What Comes After The 5 Minutes To Wow For An Enterprise)


Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics


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Dr. Greg Low


Power BI was introduced with a motto of “”5 minutes to Wow””, and that has been very successful. Users get started with the tools quickly and are ususally very impressed.

Once they get past the initial Wow though, enterprises are often left wondering how they can implement a Microsoft BI stack using Power BI, at least in a way that is enterprise-friendly.

In this min-course, Greg will take you through the techniques that he and his company have been using very successfully to implement these projects.


First session

  1. The end game – what we’re aiming for and how it all fits together for a great result2.No
  2. shortcuts: Creating an appropriate underlying data model

Second session

  1. Identity is critical: Implementing identity management including hybrid identity
  2. Keeping control: Tools and processes for managing Microsoft BI projects
  3. Who can see this: Applying appropriate security and in the right place

Attendee Pre-requisite (if any)

Basic understanding of databases, data modeling, Power BI

Is this class being recorded?

Yes. This class will be recorded and the registered attendee will get 12 months streaming access to the recorded class. The recordings will be available within 30 days of class completion.

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