SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2016 - Meet the blog experts


SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2016 – Meet the blog experts

As an IT professional, For me, Blogs are the great source of learning. By reading at least one or two blogs daily, I try to enhance or improve my knowledge.

I joined my first job in April 2010. The challenge for me to learn the new things. During my day to day activities at work, I always search the topics on the google. I always found various blog links and just read them. After a few months, I started to follow some bloggers. Their blogs are the source of my learning and they are my blogging heroes. Some of them are: Benjamin Nevarez, Amit Bansal, Grant Fritchey, Brent Ozar, Sarabpreet Singh and few more.

In 2012, I got the opportunity to start the blogging with SQLServerGeeks on the issues which I tried to solve. There are many benefits, which I realize after started the blogging. Some of them are:

  • Better Writing Skills: This is the first thing that I realize after writing many blogs. There is a very famous saying “Practice makes perfect”. The Same concept is here in the blog world, By writing blogs regularly, you can improve your writing skills.
  • Building Content/Documentation: Writing blogs on solutions of the technical issues or problems, you are creating a documentation. As a DBA, we know the importance of documentation in our professional life. Sometimes we found this as a part of the job description.
  • Networking with professionals: After writing the regular blogs, I made so many friends who are the professionals. Yes, I can say that I have a long list of friends who are Database Experts.
  • Learning from comments/feedback: This is also a good way of learning, when you published your blog and reader comments on that. When you publish a blog on the solution for an issue, then some reader comments about the other possible ways and sometimes readers also comment about their experience regarding the same issue.
  • Gaining knowledge about SEO: This is the things that I learnt to improve the ranking of my blogs. For example – words selection, title selection, image naming and many more.
  • Better exposure: No doubt, if you are a regular blogger then you will get the best exposure in that domain. Yes, you will shine in your workplace too.

Last Year, I got the opportunity to attend the Asia’s First SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015 and there I got the chance to meet with many experts and bloggers. You can see some of them in the below picture:

Meet the blog Experts - SSGAS2016

This year, again I am super excited to attend the SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2016 in Bangalore. Yes, I’ll meet with many SQL Server Experts and Bloggers. I am also excited to attend sessions about SQL Server 2016 to learn something new. There are some great lines by Karl Urban:

“My philosophy is whatever you do, you’ve got to invest in yourself. If you don’t, there are a lot of people out there who will get the job because they’re more prepared than you.”    – Karl Urban

If you also want to learn new things and want to meet with expert bloggers then don’t wait and register yourself here for SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2016.


Prince Kumar Rastogi

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