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The SQL Server Performance Tuning Magic Show

Hi There,

Do not miss the 8-hr virtual class happening at Data Platform Virtual Summit 2022.

Pre-Con price increases from September 1.

Pre-Con: The Performance Tuning Magic Show

Abstract: Welcome to the great Performance Tuning Magic Show!

Come to the show and watch real magic in action. We will analyze common use cases of poorly performing queries and apply magic tricks to make them run really fast. But unlike traditional magic shows, we will learn how these magic tricks actually work. We will learn through extensive demos how to troubleshoot these use cases and how to boost performance using advanced and practical techniques.
Some examples of magic tricks we will cover: proper handling of parameter sniffing, scalar UDF inlining and T-SQL tricks.

By the end of the show, you will walk away with a list of actionable performance tuning techniques, including how to identify candidate queries for each magic trick.
Enjoy an interactive and entertaining magic show (and yes, I will pull a rabbit out of my hat).

Date: Sep 12 & 13. Pre-Con price increases from September 1.

Time: 06:30 AM to 10:30 AM CEST (View in your timezone)


  • Analyzing Execution Plans
  • Search Arguments
  • Data Type Issues
  • Indexes Best Practices
  • Temporary Tables vs. Table Variables
  • (Not) Using Cursors
  • Scalar Functions and Inlining
  • Working with Parameters and Variables
  • Skewed Data Distribution
  • Window Functions
  • LOB Data
  • Row Identifiers
  • Manipulating Statistics
  • Query Hints and Plan Guides
  • Intelligent Query Processing
  • And More, As Time Permits…

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