DPS 2020 Training Class - ETL For Cloud-Based DWs- by Ben Kettner


DPS 2020 Training Class – ETL For Cloud-Based DWs- by Ben Kettner

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Pre-Con Title

Data-Loading And Transformation Strategies For Modern Cloud-Based Data Warehouses


Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics


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Benjamin Kettner


Most of us know ETL jobs and Datawarehouse designs. When working within the Microsoft Data Plattform on premises, using SSIS is a no-brainer. But what if you build your DWH in the cloud? What if dependencies rapidly change? For example if your sources are no longer Databases and Flat Files but REST APIs? How can you incorporate all this into a cloud-borne DWH project? You will need to rethink the patterns you used to work with on premises to adapt for the cloud. Also, with the multitude of available cloud services, sometimes it is hard to decide on the right tool for your task.

I will develop a modern ETL architecture and talk about the different services, you can apply in order to get your data into your analytical system. You will learn, what tools you an use for which task, how to utilize Azure Functions, Data Factory, Logic Apps and Web Activities and where to make your tasks asynchronous and how to decouple your processes in order to have a stable environment for your cloud-borne DWH.


  1. Using ADF, ADF Basics
  2. Azure Functions
  3. Asynchronicity
  4. Connectiong with APIs
  5. Resiliency, hardening your solution

Attendee Pre-requisite (if any)

Basic Azure know-how, know-how of ETL processes.

Is this class being recorded?

Yes. This class will be recorded and the registered attendee will get 12 months streaming access to the recorded class. The recordings will be available within 30 days of class completion.

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