DPS 2020 Training Class - Azure SQL DB Performance Tuning- by Martin Cairney


DPS 2020 Training Class – Azure SQL DB Performance – by Martin Cairney

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Maximum ROI – How To Optimise Your Azure SQL Database Platform And Applications


Data Administration


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Martin Cairney


When you move from SQL Server on-premises to Azure SQL Family of services you will find that there are different performance issues that you need to deal with – things like choosing the correct version such as Hyperscale, Managed Instance, Serverless or SQL Database are all important starting points, but once you have that decision then how can you tweak more performance out of your applications?

With the move to the cloud, factors such as increased latency and restricted resources based on your choice of service and tier come in to focus and you have to consider each of these to maximise your ROI for the choice of platform. You could simply continue to scale up to the next performance level but that involves additional cost and soon your savings from the move from on-premises are wiped out.

To get your database humming along at its peak performance you need to start with your configuration – have you chosen the right tier, is it configured for maximum performance, are you connecting optimally before looking at how to optimise your resource usage and then considering techniques to minimise consumption of your precious DTUs.
In this workshop, we will work through the many layers we can tweak to improve our Azure SQL Database performance with plenty of demos to let you see the impact.



1. Comparison of the different service offerings in the Azure SQL Family and which one to choose for your workload
2. Optimising the configuration for maximum performance
3. Improving latency on connections
4. Identify and remove bad application access patterns
5. Optimisation memory usage with limited resources
6. Identify and mitigate IO constraints
7. Patterns for loading data
8. Using Read Scale-Out to maximise read-only query performance
9. Monitoring methods and tools

Attendee Pre-requisite (if any) Attendees should have a basic understanding of .NET data access methods, entity framework, Azure services and SQL Server internals.
Is this class being recorded?

Yes. This class will be recorded and the registered attendee will get 12 months streaming access to the recorded class. The recordings will be available within 30 days of class completion.

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