DPS 2019 Speaker Announcement – John Q Martin, Data Platform MVP from UK


DPS 2019 Speaker Announcement – John Q Martin, Data Platform MVP from UK

DPS 2019 Speaker Announcement – John Q Martin, Data Platform MVP from UK

We are happy to announce the second speaker of DPS 2019.

Join us in welcoming well-known Data Platform expert – John Q Martin. It is indeed a pleasure to have him for the first time in DPS. John is bringing over his decades of experience to DPS. If you are responsible for maintaining your databases either on cloud or on-premise and you want to automate their management, then John is the right person to get in touch with. Come to DPS, meet John, connect and learn from him and become a Rockstar DBA.

John Q Martin is a Data Platform MVP awardee. And here is a double treat for Data Platform folks in Asia: John will be delivering two full-day pre-cons and regular breakout sessions, Open-Talks & Chalk-Talks at DPS 2019.

John’s pre-con titles are “Evolving Your Data Platform For The CloudDeploying And Managing Your SQL Server Data Platform With PowerShell And DSC”. Learn More.

This is your only opportunity to attend full-day trainings from John – a must attend.

And do not forget, there will be more than 100 Breakout, Open-Talk & Chalk-Talk sessions @ DPS 2019. This year, DPS will see highly curated content from the world’s best delivered at a world class infrastructure, Radisson Blu.

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Who is John Q Martin?

John is an experienced Data Platform engineer with over a decade of experience covering on-premises and cloud, John is also a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and the EMEA Director-at-Large for PASS.
Having over a decade of experience working with SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform. Working as a DBA, Developer and Consultant for Microsoft, John has been lucky enough to see how best, and how not, to use SQL Server and the Data Platform effectively.

DPS Team, DPG Team & eDominer welcomes John Q Martin to DPS 2019.

DPS 2019 has a battery of power-packed speakers. Keep watching this space for DPS 2019 Stalwarts.

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And we hope you have not missed the highlights from DPS 2018, DPS 2017, SSGAS 2016 & SSGAS 2015.

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Data Platform Summit 2019 Highlights

  • Eighteen Pre-Conference Training Classes have been announced by International Subject Matter Experts and Product Makers from Microsoft Corp, Redmond.
  • Six Pre-Con classes scheduled each day. Delegates now can attend (at max) three Pre-Cons from revered global speakers at DPS 2019.
  • Pre-Cons Include topics covering: Power BI (3 different deep-dive classes), Azure Infrastructure, Evolving Your Data Platform For Cloud, Database DevOps, Data Science & Data Bricks, Azure Machine Learning, AI & Cognitive Services, SQL Server Performance Tuning, Machine Learning with Python, SSIS in ADF etc. Pre-Cons details are given in the Corporate Registration Kit.
  • The regular conference (Aug 22 to 24) will witness speakers from world’s best delivering 100+ sessions across 7 tracks.

Data Platform Summit 2019 (Key Details)

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