Data Platform Summit 2020 Dates – COVID19 Update


DPS 2020 Training Classes (Pre-Cons & Post-Cons)

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Dear DPS Fans,

Let me begin this post by first thanking you for your constant support towards our community initiative. In the last five years, Data Platform Summit has become the largest community-driven conference & learning event in Asia, focusing on Microsoft Azure Data & AI stack. A sincere and heartfelt token of gratitude to our delegates, speakers, vendors, knowledge partners, organizing team members, volunteers and of course, Microsoft – every soul that has contributed in making DPS what it is today – a signature tech event to which 500+ organizations (from large SIs to startups and every entity in between) look up to each year – DPS has become such an integral part of our ecosystem where Microsoft customers, partners, audiences join in large numbers.

Quite evident from the fact that 56 organizations and 112 individuals have already enquired about DPS 2020 dates. Thank you so much – it speaks volumes of the impact DPS has created.

For the last five years, we had always hosted the summit in August/September timeframe and we always announced in January. This year, to date, we have not made any announcement as yet, and rightly so. COVID-19 pandemic has put all events and conferences on a backfoot. As a responsible organizer of a 1000+ delegate event, the safety of our delegates and speakers/guests is paramount to us. Especially, when people are traveling from 18+ countries.

DPS 2020 will happen, but not in August. We are exploring dates in October or November or even early December. But at this point, we are in a “wait and watch” mode. We will only announce the dates when the situation improves globally.

DPS is an international affair, and therefore the situation has to be stable globally. When humanity is under attack, the world needs to fight together and be united.

All being said, we have just hit the ‘pause’ button and waiting to ‘resume’.

Meanwhile, stay safe, take care. And yes, Be Inspired.

With Warm Regards,
Amit R S Bansal

Waiting to create the 2020 version of this…

DPS 2019 Group Photo

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