SSGAS2016 - Expand your Horizon - Be a Hero at your Work


SSGAS2016 – Expand your Horizon – Be a Hero at your Work

What is happening for SSGAS2016

We are still living the excitement from SSGAS2015. Time waits for none and it is already the time of the year where we have started full-fledged preparations for the Asia’s largest Data Platform Conference – SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2016, SSGAS2016. The speaker lineup is already a blast and we have just started. How my day starts, at a glance…


Why Attend a Conference?

I have been around few of these kind of conferences and many have asked me, Why do I attend these? Few were sponsored by my employer but many have been on my own expense. And most of them where I was not even a speaker. And almost all of these conferences do not fund the speaker for a regular break-out session. Then why travel and attend them? Is it just out of passion? Is it just for learning? Is it just to meet experts from around the world? But how would it help me?

In a way, it is all of the above reasons. But more importantly, what do I learn from these conferences which I cannot do on my own? Increasing the breadth of my knowledge. How many different types of environments can you work with in your regular job? Trust me when I say I have changed 5 employers in last eight years and have seen wide variety of environments. But, there is still a lot out in the world which I cannot explore and learn on my own.

SSGAS2015 Keynote

SSGAS2015 keynote was delivered by the ex-CVP of Microsoft Data Platform, T.K. Rengarajan. In this keynote the audience are introduced to stretch database, index advisor in Azure, real-time operational analytics. SSGAS2015 is the first conference where these features were demonstrated.


How to be a Hero

Being the first hand audience of such feature, I am a hero at my work space to talk and educate my colleagues and impress my boss. More importantly, I have add knowledge to my kitty to convince a customer or my boss to upgrade to next version. I can brag about the wonderful new features while others watch me with the same amusement as I had at the conference.

Being a regular DBA doing my day-to-day tasks, now I know what I can do in Azure. Similarly I can talk about the real-time operational analytics and columnstore indexes with my BI and datawarehouse engineers. I can talk about power bi and datazen and how Microsoft is introducing SQL Server Mobile Reports. I know they are coming out and the resources are available to read and explore more. But I was introduced to these features at a conference.

Jack of all and King of one is a proverb of present. This is exactly what you have to be to grow in your career at these fast changing times. Expand your horizon into multiple technologies that will help you grow into higher positions in your career.

SSGAS2016 – A Blessing from the Community

SSGAS2016 is a blessing to the whole Asia’s data platform community to get you close to the world renowned experts at your door step. The whole Data Platform community from around the globe are doing their best to make this dream come true for the second year in a row. We can never thank enough to their support. Next it is your turn to open the door and grab the knowledge. Convince your manger to sponsor you.

If I were you, I would attend it either way by sacrificing some pizza dinners for my career growth. 🙂 Register today!!!

See you soon at SSGAS2016

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