SSGAS2016 - Chalk Talks and Open Talks


SSGAS2016 – Chalk Talks and Open Talks

Dear SQL Geeks,

As we near the conference, the excitement is building up. This year we have topped the charts by having highest number of sessions not just at a Data Platform conference but at any technical conference in Asia. 127 sessions from MVPS, MCMs, Microsoft Data Platform team members and many world renowned experts. We are ever thankful to all the support from these speakers and sponsors and the people who made this possible – YOU.

SQLServerGeeks Team always want to improve on the delivery of content to the audience maximizing the benefit you can take back from the conference and events we organize. The idea of frequent SQL Meet-ups and Data Platform Day events was born out of this thought.

At SSGAS2016, we have increased the break-out sessions duration from 60 minutes to 75 minutes. This gives that extra room for the speaker to cover the bonus slides and the attendees to learn that bit more and ask any questions. In addition to the increased time for break-out sessions, we have introduced two new session formats – Chalk Talks and Open Talks.

Chalk Talks and Open Talks

Chalk-Talks are 30 minute sessions focussing on conceptual & architectural understanding, that too with only whiteboard and marker. No laptops, no PPTs, no demos – only whiteboard-ing! This would be a new delivery format at SSGAS 2016, the old-school style. Chalk-Talks will be delivered only to small group of people in an open area, specifically designed for chalk-talks.

Take out your thinking caps as the speakers share the knowledge in this new way by laying out their thoughts open on the white board. Listen to the free flowing knowledge without the boundaries.

Open-Talks are 30-minute open-ended discussion on a specific topic. No laptops, no PPTs, no demos – only discussion and Q & A! Topic will be pre-decided. This would be a new delivery format at SSGAS 2016 meant for discussion-oriented learning. Open-Talks will be delivered only to small group of people in a small room meant for discussion.

As the title suggests, ask your mind out on the topic to the speaker. This is your chance to learn get answers for questions that have been dancing in your mind.

Note: Chalk Talk and Open Talk have very limited seating. We encourage you to plan accordingly.

With so much content, it will be a challenge to choose which session to attend. The SSGAS2016 session schedule is out. Plan now and prepare your schedule for attending all types of sessions of your interest.

Pre-Cons too are filling fast. This is a one-day, in-depth classroom training from five experts (Jen, Denny, Joey, Andreas, Grant), a day prior to the conference (August 10th). Five Experts, five classes called pre-con seminars.

For registration, please click here.

Happy Learning,

127 Breakout Sessions, Open-Talks & Chalk-Talks have been published. Click here to view.

Final agenda has been published. Click here to view.

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