Execution Plans In-Depth


Execution Plans In-Depth

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Today’s DPS 2021 Training Class highlight is: Execution Plans In-Depth by Hugo Kornelis

Abstract: For troubleshooting slow queries, looking at the execution plan is a good starting point. But sometimes, just looking at the plan does not help. Sometimes you need to dig deeper. In this full-day workshop, you will learn everything you need to be take your understanding of execution plans to the next level. For most of the operators you’ll find in execution plans, we will look at the inner workings, and at properties that affect their behavior. We will also look at how the operators within a plan interact with each other. This will increase your understanding on why the optimizer picks a plan, and what you can do to make it pick a better plan. Aside from explaining most operators, we will also look at how these operators interact, which will help you understand which areas in complex execution plans can cause performance issues. If you have seen some execution plans but feel you need to bring your understanding to the next level, then this workshop is for you!

Learn More. (Note: DPS 2021 Prices Increase from June 1. Book soonest and also get the Summit complimentary)

Full List of Data Platform Virtual Summit 2021 Training Classes (Live Attendance + Recordings):

• Azure Synapse Analytics by Wolfgang Strasser
• Execution plans in depth by Hugo Kornelis
• Power BI Impactful Reporting by Reid Havens
• SQL Server Big Data Clusters by Niels Berglund
• PowerShell for the DBA by Ben Miller
• Modern Data Platform Applications Deployment by Ben Weissman & Anthony Nocentino
• Azure Machine Learning by Neil Hambly
• Azure Data Pipeline Implementation by Armando Lacerda

Learn More. (Note: DPS 2021 Prices Increase from June 1. Book soonest and also get the Summit complimentary)

DPS 2020 Content Release
DPS Team is releasing one breakout session each day from the 2020 conference. This is available to you at no cost. Watch on-Demand Now.

Sessions Released Till Now

1. Sasha Nosov: Azure Arc Enabled SQL Server
2. Bob Ward: Inside Waits, Latches, and Spinlocks Returns
3. Warner Chaves: Global Analytics with Azure Cosmos Db and Synapse Analytics
4. Peter Myers: Working With Different Power BI Data Model Architectures
5. Alicia Moniz: Data Stewardship In An AI-Driven Ecosystem: InterpretML, FairLearn, WhiteNoise
6. Anthony Nocentino: Containers – What’s Next?
7. Abhishek Narain: Architecting enterprise-grade data pipelines with Azure Data Factory
8. Torsten Strauss: Microsoft SQL Server – In-Memory OLTP Design Principles
9. Gilbert Quevauvilliers: How I Reduced My Power BI Dataset By 60%
10. Andrew Brust: AI And Analytics With Apache Spark And Azure Databricks

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