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ETL/ELT In The Cloud Using Data Factory

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Three learning opportunities for you from DataPlatformGeeks (DPG) & Data Platform Summit (DPS).

#1 DPS 2022 Pre-Con (Price increases from July 1)

Data Platform Virtual Summit 2022 features many 8-hr virtual classes. These deep-dive classes are called as Pre-Cons (Pre-Conference Training). Learn More.

In this bulletin, we want to make you aware of one such pre-con by Dennes Torres.

Pre-Con Topic: “ETL/ELT In The Cloud Using Data Factory” by Dennes Torres.

Abstract: Data Factory is a powerful member of the Azure data platform. We can build powerful ETL solutions with no code and migrate existing on-premise SSIS solutions to the cloud. Come to this full-day session to discover how it works and what you can build. This demo-packed preconference will show many different examples and scenarios illustrating common ETL/ELT challenges in an enterprise data platform. Click here for full abstract.


  1. Data Factory – Basic Concepts
  2. The Flexibility of the Copy Data Activity
  3. Download from the web using the Web Activity
  4. Datasets
  5. Managing Source and Destination Datasets
  6. Azure SQL Datasets
  7. Azure Storage Datasets
  8. Using Schema Drift
  9. Creating the destination Schema
  10. Dataflows
  11. PowerQuery
  12. Data Factory Examples
  13. Incremental Loading Data
  14. Loading data into Slowly Changing Dimensions
  15. Managing the Development
  16. Managing Execution
  17. SSIS

Learn More about Dennes’ Pre-Con. (Price increases from July 1)

#2 Part-1 of Breakout Sessions for DPS 2022 Announced. Click Here.

Seventy (70) sessions out of 150+ have been published. This is Part 1. DPS 2022 will have 150+ sessions. All to learn. All to join. Book Your Seat Today.

#3 DataPlatformGeeks Webinar

Dennes Torres is also conducting a free webinar for you: Building Data Pipelines With Azure Data Factory. Coming Thursday, June 30. Block your seat now.

Stay tuned, more content coming your way!

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