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Advanced Analytics with Transact SQL

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Hi There,

Two learning opportunities for you from DataPlatformGeeks (DPG) & Data Platform Summit (DPS).

#1 DPS 2022 Pre-Con

Data Platform Virtual Summit 2022 features many 8-hr virtual classes. These deep-dive classes are called as Pre-Cons (Pre-Conference Training). Learn More.

In this blog, we want to make you aware of one such pre-con by Dejan Sarka.

Pre-Con Topic: “Advanced Analytics With Transact-SQL” by Dejan Sarka.

Abstract: If you want to learn how to get information from your data with Transact-SQL, or shortly T-SQL language, then this course is the course for you. It will teach you how to calculate statistical measures from descriptive statistics including centers, spreads, skewness and kurtosis of a distribution, find the associations between pairs of variables, including calculating the linear regression formula, calculate the confidence level with definite integration, find the amount of information in your variables, and do also some machine learning or data science analysis, including predictive modeling and text mining. Click here for full abstract.


  1. Descriptive Statistics
  2. Associations between Pairs of Variables
  3. Data Preparation
  4. Data Quality
  5. Time-Oriented Data
  6. Time-Oriented Analyses
  7. Data Mining
  8. Text Mining

Learn More.

#2 DataPlatformGeeks Webinar

Dejan Sarka is also conducting a free webinar for you: Predictive Analytics with T-SQL. Coming Thursday, June 16. Block your seat now.

Stay tuned, more content coming your way!

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