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Spark For Data Engineers

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Hi There,

Three learning opportunities for you from DataPlatformGeeks (DPG) & Data Platform Summit (DPS).

#1 DPS 2022 Pre-Con

Data Platform Virtual Summit 2022 features many 8-hr virtual classes. These deep-dive classes are called as Pre-Cons (Pre-Conference Training). Learn More.

In this bulletin, we want to make you aware of one such pre-con by Tomaž Kaštrun.

Pre-Con Topic: “Spark For Data Engineers” by Tomaž Kaštrun. Price Increases from Aug 1.

Abstract: Data Analysts, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence analysts and many other roles require data on demand. Fighting with data silos, many scatter databases, Excel files, CSV files, JSON files, APIs and potentially different flavours of cloud storage may be tedious, nerve-wracking and time-consuming. Automated process that would follow set of steps, procedures and processes take subsets of data, columns from database, binary files and merged them together to serve business needs and potentials is and still will be a favorite job for many organizations and teams. Apache Spark™ is designed to to build faster and more reliable data pipelines, cover low level and structured API and brings tools and packages for Streaming data, Machine Learning, data engineering and building pipelines and extending the Spark ecosystem. Spark is an absolute winner for this tasks and a great choice for adoption.. Click here for full abstract.


  1. Getting to know Apache Spark, Installation and setting up the environment
  2. Creating Datasets, organising raw data and working with structured APIs
  3. Designing and building pipelines, moving data and building data models with Spark
  4. Data and process orchestration, deployment and Spark Applications
  5. Data Streaming with
  6. Ecosystem, tooling and community

Learn More about Tomaž’s Pre-Con. Price Increases from Aug 1.

#2 Breakout Sessions for DPS 2022 Announced. Click Here.

190+ sessions have been published. All to learn. All to join. Book Your Seat Today.

#3 DataPlatformGeeks Webinar

Tomaž Kaštrun is also conducting a webinar on the same topic – a short 60 min learning: Spark For Data Engineers. Thursday, July 28. Block your seat now.

Stay tuned, more content coming your way!

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DPG & DPS Team

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