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Query Store Deep Dive

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Hi There,

Three learning opportunities for you from DataPlatformGeeks (DPG) & Data Platform Summit (DPS).

#1 DPS 2022 Pre-Con

Data Platform Virtual Summit 2022 features many 8-hr virtual classes. These deep-dive classes are called as Pre-Cons (Pre-Conference Training). Learn More.

In this bulletin, we want to make you aware of one such pre-con by Milos Radivojevic.

Pre-Con Topic: “Query Store Deep Dive” by Milos Radivojevic. Price Increases from Aug 1.

Abstract: In this full-day workshop, you will learn to leverage Query Store to quickly identify and solve query performance issues.

You’ll see and learn from many real-world examples, the author experienced in the last three years in the complex SQL Server production environment with heavy workloads. You’ll get tips for proper Query Store configuration and recommendations to reduce its impact on the production system.

Plan forcing is a very powerful feature, but a bit controversial. This workshop will demystify it; you’ll see what Query Store exactly does when an execution plan is forced when it is respected, when and why isn’t, and the most important – when you have to force a plan in the production system, and when force can bring additional troubles.

The next topic that will be covered in detail is automatic tuning. You will understand the benefits and potential issues you can have with this feature and how to leverage it with no or minimal risk.

Finally, you’ll learn how to mitigate Query Store limitations and common issues.

This workshop is a great oppurtunity to learn about Query Store or expand your knowledge and implement it successfully in your production system. Click here for full abstract.


  1. Introduction to Query Store
  2. Configuring Query Store
  3. Query Store in Action
  4. Forcing Plans
  5. Automatic Tuning
  6. Issues and Limitations

Learn More about Milos’s Pre-Con. Price Increases from Aug 1.

#2 Breakout Sessions for DPS 2022 Announced. Click Here.

190+ sessions have been published. All to learn. All to join. Book Your Seat Today.

#3 DataPlatformGeeks Webinar

Milos Radivojevic is also conducting a webinar on the same topic – a short 60 min learning: Query Store Deep Dive. Thursday, July 21. Block your seat now.

Stay tuned, more content coming your way!

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DPG & DPS Team

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