DAX Class + Microsoft Announcement


DAX Class + Microsoft Announcement

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Today’s DPS 2021 Training Class highlight is “It’s Time To Learn DAX by Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen.

Abstract: If you want to show more than simply the data provided by the data source and implement calculations in Power BI or Analysis Services Tabular you have to learn to write Data Analysis Expression (DAX). This workshop starts at entry-level and jump-starts you into the world of even complex calculations within 8h. In the first module, Markus will introduce the basic syntax, functions, and concepts (which are best of bread, taken from Excel, SQL, and MDX). Then you will learn that you can exchange complexity in the data model with complexity in DAX (and the other way around) in real-world examples. Beginners usually struggle to fully understand the differences between calculated columns and measures. That’s why we will dedicate two modules to them. In the last module, Markus will pick your brain with complex challenges and advanced techniques, which you can then take as a template to apply to your own use cases.


1. Syntax and Basic Functions
2. Data Model and DAX – A Symbiosis
3. Calculated Columns
4. Measures
5. Advanced Techniques

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Microsoft Participation Announced: Microsoft is participating at DPS 2021 in a huge way. 40+ Breakout Sessions & three training classes. Read more.

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Congratulations Winners. What’s this?: See here.

Complete List of Data Platform Virtual Summit 2021 Training Classes (Live Attendance + Recordings):

• Application Modernization Using Artificial Intelligence by Anupama Natarajan
• It’s Time To Learn DAX by Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen
• Azure Synapse Analytics by Wolfgang Strasser
• Execution plans in depth by Hugo Kornelis
• Power BI Impactful Reporting by Reid Havens
• SQL Server Big Data Clusters by Niels Berglund
• PowerShell for the DBA by Ben Miller
• Modern Data Platform Applications Deployment by Ben Weissman & Anthony Nocentino
• Azure Machine Learning by Neil Hambly
• Azure Data Pipeline Implementation by Armando Lacerda
• 10 Rules A Database Developer Must Know by Uwe Ricken
• SQL Server Performance Tuning – Fast Track by Amit Bansal
• An end to end migration and modernization journey of your applications and workloads to Azure by Microsoft
• Getting the Best Out of SQL Managed Instance in 2021 by Microsoft
• Data engineering best practices using Azure Data Factory by Microsoft

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DPS 2020 Content Release
DPS Team is releasing one breakout session each day from the 2020 conference. This is available to you at no cost.
40 Sessions Released Till Now. Watch on-Demand Now.

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