DPS 2020 Training Class - SQL in Azure VM - by David Pless, Pam Lahoud, Amit Khandelwal, Tejas Shah, Aditya Badramraju


DPS 2020 Training Class – SQL in Azure VM – by David Pless, Pam Lahoud, Amit Khandelwal, Tejas Shah, Aditya Badramraju

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SQL Server: Advanced Training for Azure VM Deployments


Data Administration


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David Pless , Pam Lahoud , Amit Khandelwal , Tejas Shah, Aditya Badramraju


SQL Server: Advanced Skilling for Azure VM Deployments

Many customers are looking to migrate their SQL Server instances and SQL based applications to the cloud to take advantage of scalability, flexibility, advanced high availability and disaster recovery options, optimized licensing scenarios, access to Azure monitoring & Azure advisory technologies, and other marketplace tools & capabilities in the Azure fabric.

The decision has been made to bring your solution to the cloud, but then the challenge many customers experience is knowing how to properly size their environments, understanding the best strategy for availability, and how to start their migration journey.

In this workshop we will address all of these key challenges and the best practices on migrating your SQL Server workloads to Azure virtual machines.

We will cover migration strategies starting with assessing the state of your current environment. We will then target our evaluation results to a destination platform in Azure. We will learn about proper virtual machine sizing and the VM classes, proper tuning for Windows and Linux platforms, and how to take best advantage of licensing practices in Azure.

We will then focus on high availability and disaster recovery options, best practices, monitoring and management. We will address modern HADR approaches for SQL Server including Always On Availability Groups, Failover Cluster Instances (FCI), Log Shipping, and supported replication models. We will also cover virtual machine optimization best practices and deployment considerations for hybrid configurations.

This workshop will be an engaging, real-world examination of modernizing your most critical SQL based platforms.

We look forward to seeing you there!


SQL Server 2019: Advanced Skilling for Azure IaaS Deployments

Module Overview:

Module 1 – SQL Server 2019 Overview

  • Topic 1: Features and Capabilities
  • Topic 2: Opportunities in Azure

Module 2 – SQL Server Migration strategies for IaaS

  • Topic 1: Assessing the source environment
  • Topic 2: Migrating data and SQL objects to the cloud

Module 3: SQL Server best practices for common workloads on IaaS (90 min.)

  • Topic 1: Sizing and VM types
  • Topic 2: Performance Guidelines
  • Topic 3: Resource Provider Benefits
  • Topic 4: Demystifying licensing in SQL Server 2019

Module 4: Modern HADR Approaches for SQL in IaaS (90 min.)

  • Topic 1: Always On Availability Groups
  • Topic 2: Fail over Cluster Instances (FCI) in Azure
  • Topic 3: Log Shipping
  • Topic 4: Supported Replication Models
  • Topic 5: HADR hybrid configurations
  • Topic 6: Azure HADR options

Module 5: SQL Server on IaaS – (Monitoring and Management)

  • Topic 1: Managing SQL Server on IaaS both for Windows and Linux
  • Topic 2: Comparing on-prem virtualization to Azure

Module 6: IaaS/PaaS hybrid deployments for scalability

  • Topic 1: Application scenarios
  • Topic 2: Business Intelligence scenarios

Attendee Pre-requisite (if any)

Pre-requisite: There are no pre-requisites though familiarity with SQL Server 2016+ and virtualization is helpful.

Is this class being recorded?

Yes. This class will be recorded and the registered attendee will get 12 months streaming access to the recorded class. The recordings will be available within 30 days of class completion.

Additional Comments from Instructor/Speaker

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