DPS 2020 Training Class - Performance-centric T-SQL - by Itzik Ben-Gan


DPS 2020 Training Class – Performance-centric T-SQL – by Itzik Ben-Gan

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Pre-Con Title

Performance-Centric T-SQL


Database Development


#TSQL #Performance #Optimization #QueryRewrites #WindowFunctions #QueryTuning #T-SQL




Itzik Ben-Gan


This seminar covers advanced aspects of T-SQL with a performance-centric focus. The seminar demonstrates practical uses of T-SQL features, with optimized and polished solutions, many of which were developed by the speaker. You will learn about features like the APPLY operator, window functions, the OFFSET-FETCH filter, and how to use them creatively to solve common T-SQL tasks elegantly and efficiently. You will learn about optimization thresholds and understand how the query optimizer tends to choose between different algorithms, and how new intelligent/adaptive query processing capabilities enable SQL Server to make such choices dynamically during query execution. You will learn about the performance aspects of the Top N per group task, string splitting and concatenation with the STRING_SPLIT and STRING_AGG functions, batch mode over row store, adaptive joins, interleaved execution, deferred compilation, memory grant feedback, improvements in user-defined functions and more.


  • Window functions
  • Optimization thresholds
  • Query rewrites
  • Intelligent QP / Adaptive QP
  • Approximate QP
  • String splitting and concatenation

Attendee Pre-requisite (if any)

One year of experience writing T-SQL code and optimizing queries

Is this class being recorded?

No, this class will not be recorded. Therefore, no recordings will be available.

Additional Comments from Instructor/Speaker

No special instructions/comments from the Speaker

Additional Comments from the Organizers

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