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My name is DaDa. I represent Data Platform Virtual Summit 2021 (#DPS2021). A couple of days back, we announced DPS 2021 – the signature learning event on Data, Analytics & AI. Read the Announcement (blog link).

Data Platform Virtual Summit will run from Sep 13 to 18. Pre-Cons on Sep 8 & Sep 9. Post-Cons on Sep 20 & Sep 21. (add as notification box)

Join me, as we dive into the technical depths of Data, Analytics and AI, this September, with detailed technical sessions packed with rich content from the world’s best Data Professionals.

Having said that, if you happen to be a Data/AI Professional yourself, and are keen on sharing the knowledge with curious minds from around the globe – this is your chance. Yeah, I am talking about you being a speaker at DPS 2021.

Data Platform Virtual Summit 2021 provides you with the platform to broadcast yourself to an audience from 50+ countries covering all the time zones.

Our previous editions have witnessed the largest online gathering of Microsoft Experts, Microsoft Certified Masters & Microsoft Most Valued Professional awardees, and we feel this time around things will be no different. With your participation, we will continue to deliver quality content for those who seek to learn.

DPS 2021 is fine tuned for three time zones – AMERICA, EMEA and APAC so that no one misses out on the action. You can deliver your session in a time zone suitable to you. Learn More about How Will The Show Run. 

Conference Structure

The event has been divided into two sections – Training Classes (Pre-Cons & Post-Cons) & The Conference (Summit).

Training Classes are 8hrs each spanning over 2 days (4hrs/day). One-Way Delivery (Lectures/Slides + Demos). No Hands on. The difficulty will range from Intermediate to Brain Hurting Levels.

The Conference Content has multiple learning formats.

  • Breakout Sessions
    • 75 mins (60 mins + 15 mins Q&A)
    • Slides + Demos
  • Short Drive Sessions
    • 30 mins (25 mins + 5 mins Q&A)
    • Slides + Demos
  • Deep-Dive Sessions
    • 120 mins (105 mins + 15 mins Q&A)
    • Slides + Demos
  • Demo-Only Sessions
    • 60 mins (45 mins + 15 mins Q&A)
    • Demos Only (max one slide)

Technology Focus

Technology Focus: Full stack of Azure Data, SQL Server, Advanced Analytics, Power BI, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Seven parallel tracks. See Technology Coverage.

Today, Data Platform Summit has been established as the perfect platform for knowledge providers to meet & network with intelligent minds. If you are working on Data, AI & Advanced Analytics technologies, have relevant content, experiences or innovations to talk about, you are welcome to explore participation in DPS 2021 by delivering a full Training Class and/or Conference Content.

Action Items / Next Steps?

  1. You can now submit your class and/or session(s) now. Call For Speakers:
  2. There is a one-time Speaker Registration where we are capturing a bit more, but relevant information that will help DPS Team in promotions. Please try to provide us with full details.
  3. If you had registered last year, your account will be valid. If required, you can reset your password.
  4. CFS for Pre-Cons/Post-Cons closes on April 30, 10 pm, your time.
  5. CFS for Conference Content closes on May 15, your time.

Technology Focus: Full stack of Azure Data, SQL Server, Advanced Analytics, Power BI, Artificial Intelligence

Submit Your Content

Questions? Write to speakers[at]dataplatformgeeks[dot]com.

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